Massage Therapy

KMF now has massage therapy offered on Tuesdays and Fridays by Jenn! Soon to come Thursdays as well!
Listed below are the massage descriptions and prices.
Please email or call us during open hours if you have any questions!


Each massage can be 30/60/90 minutes.
30 minutes is the back/neck/shoulders.
60/90 minutes are full body.
Each massage will have unscented oil/cream used.

Swedish massage: (light -> medium pressure)
A classic massage technique that concentrates on total well being and reducing muscle tension. This massage will help aid in detoxification and promoting relaxation.

Deep tissue massage: (firm-> deep pressure)
This massage is designed to relieve muscle pain throughout the body. Direct, deep pressure will help release tension. Great for athletes or active people with muscle pain and/or soreness.

Pre-natal(pregnancy massage):
A wonderful choice for an expecting mother for prenatal care. A healthy way to reduce stress and normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy. This massage is a great way for a soon-to-be-mom to promote overall wellness.

MASSAGE ENHANCEMENTS (10 extra minutes) added to any massage
Your choice of:

MASSAGE ADD ONS: added to any massage
-aromatherapy oils (detox, revitalize, relax & muscle and joint)
– Hot stones


30 minutes- $42
60 minutes-$75
90 minutes-$105

Deep tissue
30 minutes-$50
60 minutes-$90
90 minutes-$130

Hot stone
30 minutes-$47
60 minutes-$85
90 minutes-$120

30 minutes-$42
60 minutes-$75
90 minutes-$105

Aromatherapy oil add on to any massage

Massage enhancements (hands/feet/face&scalp) added on to any massage
10 minutes

Hot Stone Add on to any massage

*Must use within a 2 month period*

Clients will be saving $20 on every package!

30 minutes- $106
60 minutes- $205
90 minutes- $295

Deep tissue
30 minutes- $130
60 minutes- $250
90 minutes- $370

30 minutes- $106
60 minutes- $205
90 minutes- $295
(aroma oils/hot stones/massage add ons will be added on top of the prices)

*Oils, sheets, towels, pillows, massage table, etc. are all provided*