Hours & Class Schedule

New members without prior Crossfit experience must go through a week of Fundamentals before attending our group classes. Fundamental Classes are Tuesday & Thursday at 630pm with Coach Rojas.

KMF Crossfit understands everyone has different fitness and lifestyle goals. We welcome all KMF members to join any of our classes in order to reach those goals. Each class is structured and programmed with a specific training purpose; below is a brief description of each:

FUNDAMENTALS: 60 minutes dedicated to introducing and breaking down the 9 fundamental movements of Crossfit. A 2-Class series that explains proper body mechanics and movement patterns/cues with our barbell movements.

GROUP CLASS: Standard 60 minutes of Crossfit training. Each class starts with a group dynamic warm up and features a strength and/or skill component followed by a daily WOD.

PERFORMANCE CLASS: 90 minutes of Crossfit training. The class will follow a program created by MISFIT ATHLETICS, which is geared toward preparing for the CrossFit OPEN.

YOGA: 60 Minutes of Yoga for all levels. This class focuses on recovery, flexibility, strength, mobility and restorative energy.

METCON CLASS: 45 minutes of Crossfit interval training. This class is meant to build your aerobic capacity and muscle endurance.

ACCESSORY WORK: 45 minutes of isolated movements. This class is focused on working through technique and strict drills to help athletes improve on strength and muscle groups.

OPEN GYM: Time where athletes can really focus on their own skills and WODs. All equipment is available to use but no instructor on duty during Open Gym hours.

*Make sure to join the KMF CrossFit Members Only page for any schedule updates or class cancellations.